Chef Giulia

I’m 12 years experience chef and I’m calm, pleasant, helpful and hardworking person who has a passion for great food and who enjoys cooking mouth watering dishes. I’m from Turin, Italy, the house of great stuff pasta. I’ve always worked in busy kitchens, my skills have developed in a Relays Chateaux Hotel and Michelin Stars Restaurants. I have a good knowledge of Italian, French and Asian fusion cuisine that I have improved in California where I have mixed the Healthy cuisine with all of those, using Italian technical and Asiatic products cooking up tasty, nutritious and well balanced meal with creativity. In the past three years I’ve start to do private job after 9 years running in the busy kitchen , I really enjoy private chef job because it is dynamic and allow me to express myself directly to the customer by showing them my skill and knowledge. I love the strict contact with the client and I’ve good human relationship attitude. I'm Professional and focused, I’ve a great attention for details and I Like to give the best of myself. In the last few years I’ve improve the vegan, gluten free and vegetarian cuisine. I’m prepared to give to my customer cooking class or do cooking show to entertain the guest.