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breakfast menu

Breakfast Menu 1

Benedict eggs with smoked salmon, guacamole avocado & spinach, baby sauteed corn in clarified butter & brioche bread.

Spinach pie with fresh herbs and feta cheese.

Fresh orange juice, coffee, or tea.

Crepe with chocolate praline & jam selection.

Fruit salad with tropical fruit & mint syrup.

Breakfast Menu 2

Japanese omelet with fresh herbs, Corfiot graviera cheese, potato chips, crispy leek, caramelized cherry tomatoes with rosemary & toasted multigrain bread.

Crepe with chocolate praline, fresh blueberry & raspberry.

Seasonal fruits.

Home-made pancakes with honey syrup & caramelized apple.

Fresh orange juice, coffee, or tea.

Breakfast Menu 3

Croque madame with bacon, cheese, bechamel sauce, fried egg, green salad & mustard dressing.

Smoothies from fresh fruits and Greek yogurt.

Home-made orange cake with chocolate glaze.

Sweet pie with patisserie cream (mpougatsa).

Fresh orange juice, coffee, or tea.

Breakfast Menu 4

Poached eggs with avocado puree, hollandaise sauce, spinach, caramelized cherry tomatoes & focaccia.

Chocolate muffins with dark chocolate & dried fruits.

Butter croissant with homemade jam or hazelnut praline.

Fruit salad with seasonal fruits Greek yogurt & local Corfiot honey.

Fresh orange juice, coffee, or tea.

Breakfast Menu 5

English breakfast with fried eggs, sausage, crispy bacon, sauteed mushrooms, red beans, caramelized cherry tomatoes & traditional Corfiot butter on brioche bread.

Fresh fruit salad with local & tropical fruits.

Cereal bars with dried fruits.

Greek donuts with chocolate praline & minced cookie.

Fresh orange juice, coffee, or tea.

Breakfast Menu 6

Poached eggs on crispy potato base, bacon, caramelized cherry tomatoes, spinach sauteed & white truffle oil.

Yogurt with beetroot, cherries, honey & walnuts.

Decomposed pie with fresh herbs, village leaf & egg yolk.

Salad with seasonal fruit & and honey.

Fresh orange juice, coffee, or tea.

Breakfast Menu 7

Omelet with white egg, vegetarian sausages, seasonal vegetables, sauteed mushrooms, asparagus with herbs, arugula, vegetable cheese & toasted multigrain bread.

Cretan dakos with anthotiro cheese, capers, olives, oregano, tomatoes & fresh olive oil.

Fruit salad with vegan yogurt, carrot, apple & vegan maple syrup.

Spinach pie with herbs from our garden & vegan cheese.

Fresh orange juice, coffee, or tea.

Creative traditional Corfiot Cuisine

Menu no1

Prawns Savoro
Caramelized king prawns savoro, deep fried with white wine gel raisins and rosemary. 

Main course

Mpakaliaros skordalia
Fresh cod filet with potato puree aromatized with olive oil and garlic essence.


A Contessa in Corfu
Trilogy of cherry tomatoes, mixed greens, baby spinach, lettuce, noumpoulo
(cold cut), Corfiot graviera cheese and Kumquat vinaigrette.


Kumquat ice cream with tzaleti.

Menu no2

Octopus carpaccio
with smoked fava bean and Florina pepper vinaigrette shallot


Four varieties of cherry tomatoes, spinach and kiwi sauce.

Main course

Slice of grouper or sea bream
or John Dory, depending on the catch of the day, with seasonal greens.


Sorbet ginger ale.

Menu no3

Plater with cheese and cold cuts. 


Quinoa salad
grilled shrimp, smoked eggplant and lime zest.

Main course

Cuttlefish risotto
(also served on its ink)


Fig pie
with soft cheese, honey, almonds and fresh figs.

Menu no4

Grilled vegetables
with feta cheese. 

marinated in vinegar sauce.

Main course

Veal with white wine, garlic sauce, parsnip puree, coriander oil and black garlic.


with homemade ice cream.

Mediterranean Seafood Menu


Smoked salmon & avocado.

Brick, lime & chives.


Fresh sea bream
carpaccio with lime.

Green salad
with cherry tomatoes, avocado and parmesan.

Seafood saffron risotto
with mussels and shrimp. 


Fresh sea bass filet
with fennel and spinach served with baby carrots and lemon consommé. 


Lobster ravioli
with caviar and leeks served with a cherry tomato spread.


with Greek “Mastiha” and sour cherries. 

Fresh fruit platter
with seasonal and exotic fruits.

Traditional Greek Menu


Breads & Crackers.

“Tzatziki” yogurt sauce with cucumber and dill.

Marinated olives.

Grilled haloumi cheese.

Appetizers (choose three)

Tomato fritters
with seasonal fresh herbs. 

Greek “Dolmades”
vine leaf with pine nuts, raisins and mint yogurt sauce.

Eggplant rolls
with Greek prosciutto and gruyere cheese served with tomato marmalade.

Greek salad
with organic products from the Island of Corfu, feta cheese and barley rusks.

Staffed tomatoes
with rice and mint served on feta spread.

Slow-cooked octopus
on a Santorini split pea purée.


Traditional Lamb “Kleftiko”
with rosemary and thyme served with vegetables and Lemon.


Fresh fish
(catch of the day) with vegetable and lemon sauce.


Chocolate mousse
with strawberries.

Traditional “Kataifi”
pastry with nuts and vanilla Ice Cream.

Fruit platter
with seasonal and tropical fruits.

BBQ Menu


Bread basket.

Pita bread.

Hummus, Tzatziki and Eggplant.

Greek salad.

Potato salad.

Caesar salad.

Vegetable platter.


Beef Picanha steak.

Smoked Pancetta.

Pork and Chicken skewers with vegetables.

Beef Burgers.


Fruit Platter.


Chocolate Mousse.

Italian Menu

Variety of bread.

Amuse bouche.

Antipasto with prosciutto and fig
served on crispy bread with balsamic vinegar cream flavored with mint.
First Course
with marinated tomato, mozzarella, black olive paste, basil flavored extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Main Course
Creamy Risotto
with a variety of wild mushrooms, black truffle cream, garlic, fresh thyme and parmesan cheese flakes.
with vanilla-flavored mascarpone cream.

French Menu

Variety of bread.

Amuse bouche.

Baked beets salad
served with goat cheese bits, turmeric flavored extra Virgin Olive Oil and walnuts.
First Course
Salmon Tartare
with diced cucumber, chili, ginger, sesame oil and fresh herbs.
Main Course
Sautéed duck fillet
with garlic butter, wild berries cream, wild mushrooms ragout, espresso and cardamom powder.
Citrus mousse
with cardamom paired with crushed cocoa crumble and spearmint.

Traditional Greek Menu

Variety of bread.

Amuse bouche.

Santorinian fava
served with caramelized onions, roasted hazelnuts, pickled caper flowers and extra Virgin Olive Oil.
First Course
Traditional tomato fritters
served with homemade greek tzatziki and spearmint infused extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Main Course
Traditional Moussaka
Grilled aubergines and potatoes with beef ragu, béchamel sauce and Greek graviera cheese.
with honey syrup, pistachios and mastic Ice Cream.

Modern Greek Menu

Variety of bread.

Amuse bouche.

Baked feta cheese wrapped in pastry
thyme flavored Greek honey and sesame seeds.
First Course
Shrimps “Saganaki”
cooked with fresh tomatoes, oregano, feta cheese and Greek ouzo.
Main Course
Seafood orzo
with mussels, shrimps, clams, sundried tomatoes and fresh herbs.
Chocolate cake
moist and super delicious, topped with Dulce de Leche caramel sauce, served with ground Santorinian pistachios and a scoop of Ice Cream.

Vegan Menu

Variety of bread.

Amuse bouche.

Quinoa and millet salad
with dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, orange wedges and extra Virgin Olive Oil.
First Course
Vegan tomato fritters
served with spicy avocado and chili dip, lime zest and fresh herbs.
Main Course
Summer vegetables baked
in the oven, stuffed with rice, fresh herbs, raisins and pine nuts.
Greek halva
served with cinnamon, ground pistachios and vanilla syrup.

Healthy Menu

Variety of bread.

Amuse bouche.

Tomato and watermelon gazpacho
served with bruschetta topped with tomato and feta cheese.
First Course
Smoked salmon slices
with green asparagus, herbed yogurt sauce and arugula salad.
Main Course
Sliced beef tagliata
grilled mixed vegetables, fresh green salad and chimichurri sauce.
Traditional Greek yogurt
served with homemade jam and crumbled walnuts.
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