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private chef in corfu

luxury chefs
in corfu

Luxury Chefs service was created to satisfy the needs of those who wish to give their guests something unique by hosting an elegant, gourmet dinner for friends, family members, and business associates at the ease and comfort of their homes or a venue of their choice. 

We specialize in private chef and catering services with a focus on the best local, organic ingredients and the healthiest ways of cooking. Moreover, we can adapt to your special needs regarding allergies, intolerance, or any special nutrition.

Private Chef in Corfu | Catering in Corfu | Cooking Lessons in Corfu | Luxury Chefs
high quality services

Our goal

Our high-quality personalized gastronomic services will bring you closer to the world of haute cuisine. Our goal is to provide innovative and creative culinary services to you. A unique dining experience is made at your place based on a wealth of culinary expertise, cooking techniques and global food trends.
fresh ingredients

our suppliers

In Greece, we are blessed with a wide variety of fresh produce throughout the year. Knowing where our ingredients originate from is crucial for us. We only partner with suppliers who share the same principles as we do regarding quality and sustainability.

All of our produce is grown on Greek farms which are committed to organic and natural farming methods. Our fish is sustainably raised or caught fresh. The poultry, meat and eggs are free range from our reliable Greek farmers. Where possible, we use recyclable materials and encourage a zero-waste policy.

Private Chef in Corfu | Catering in Corfu | Cooking Lessons in Corfu | Luxury Chefs
private chef in greece

We offer you a lifetime gastronomic experience in the privacy and comfort of your property.