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private chef in corfu

we can cater any
dietary requirements

Whether you are hosting an event or a private dinner, you must know your guests’ special dietary restrictions and requirements. While some restrictions are religious or moral based, others can have profound health implications if they aren’t adhered to, like allergies or intolerances.
Our Luxury Chefs team can cater to any dietary requirements. Because our priority is your pleasure, we will work with you to plan custom-tailored menu that are balanced, delicious and according to your tastes and nutritional needs.

Private Chef in Corfu | Catering in Corfu | Cooking Lessons in Corfu | Luxury Chefs

athletes Nutrition

Nutrition is essential for anyone looking to enhance their sporting performance. We aim to help you achieve your health or fitness goals with a menu tailored to your nutritional needs.

At Luxury Chefs, we listen to your requirements and create a personalized nutrition program following your training objective, lifestyle, food intolerances and tastes. Our team will cook for you in your kitchen, restaurant-quality meals resourcing the healthiest, locally sourced, organic and seasonal products.

Vegan Nutrition

Veganism is a culinary movement that has been gaining momentum over the years. When hosting a special event, you want to ensure that your menu provides something for those who prefer vegan dishes. There is no reason why plant-based food cannot be delicious, healthy and appealing.

At Luxury Chefs, we provide a wide variety of vegan menu with incredible flavors. Our chefs create unique vegan dishes, presented in both traditional favorites and the latest culinary trends.

Private Chef in Corfu | Catering in Corfu | Cooking Lessons in Corfu | Luxury Chefs
Private Chef in Corfu | Catering in Corfu | Cooking Lessons in Corfu | Luxury Chefs

Keto Nutrition

The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet with many health benefits. It helps with weight loss and overall health. When you follow a keto diet, your body goes into ketosis – a metabolic state where your body becomes highly efficient at burning fat for energy.

This diet typically includes proteins such as meat and tofu, above-ground vegetables, healthy fats, specific fruits and low-carb sweeteners. Our professional chefs are highly trained to create various recipes that suit this diet for any special occasion.

Religious Nutrition

There are many religions with dietary restrictions and food traditions. Kosher and halal diets are two common eating patterns based on the principles of Jewish and Islamic laws, respectively. Both diets set strict guidelines regarding which foods are allowed and restricted based on religious teachings.

Moreover, the restrictions require that utensils used in food preparation, cooking, and serving have not come into contact with meat, fish, eggs and alcohol. Our team, with professional experience in various restaurants, will plan and create the menu of your choice in respect of every religious restriction.

Private Chef in Corfu | Catering in Corfu | Cooking Lessons in Corfu | Luxury Chefs
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We offer you a lifetime gastronomic experience in the privacy and comfort of your property.